9 tips for maintaining good working relationships from home

Moving from the office to home can be an opportunity to improve working relationships, reduce expenses, and increase productivity.

However, it is also a chance that represents many challenges, both personally and professionally. Here are some tips for maintaining a good environment, taking care of work relationships, and avoid conflicts with colleagues and even family members as much as possible.


In any job, it is essential to maintain order. But when it comes to telework, you have to be more strict. Being messy can bring numerous problems with co-workers and bosses. This situation is especially critical in jobs that require agility because if you do not have files, documents, tools, or dates on hand, the time you take in an activity can be unnecessarily lengthened.

Do not abuse tools

Paradoxically, the excessive use of organization and management tools can generate different problems. If the team uses more than two platforms to communicate, this can create chaos when it comes to following orders or coordinating tasks.

Learn to disconnect

Labor relations with the work team will remain healthy if you can find spaces to entertain yourself. This improves mood and concentration during work hours.


Remember that you are not sharing a physical space with colleagues and that if you are absent from their communication channels, it is as if you left your job. Labor relations must be taken care of with constant communication.

Maintain a constant relationship with colleagues

Even though you are in the middle of preventive isolation, try to be close to the work team. Although during the emergency caused by the virus, what is most avoided is physical contact, there are many ways to maintain a relationship and fluid communication with colleagues. For example, instant messaging platforms ”, points out the portal teletrabajo.gov.co.

Take care of the use of tools like WhatsApp

One of the most common problems in teleworking is the misuse of social networks by employees and employers. If you want to express your personal opinion, it is better to do it in groups of friends or family, not in online spaces where job information is shared.

Set clear and adaptive goals

This advice applies to any employee, but it is especially important for employers, bosses, and coordinators. Since in most cases, companies are having to telecommute due to the quarantine contingency, their goals as a leader and an employee must adapt.

Take it seriously

Bosses and colleagues will appreciate the seriousness with which you continue to work. Dress appropriately for teleconferences, do not work in pajamas, avoid eating in quantities while working. Above all, do not consult social networks that are not necessary for the fulfillment of the functions.

If you take teleworking as a kind of vacation, colleagues and bosses will notice it, and it could reflect an image of disinterest in your position and front of the functions. It is of special importance that the tasks and schedules continue to be fulfilled with the same rigor with which it is done when the company must be attended in person.

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